Wyclef Jean has made the news recently. Not all good, some charges of his fiduciary improprieties within his foundation and others as his failed Presidential bid for Haiti. He is best known as a singer and musician when he first made it big in the group Fugees.

In his memoir, Purpose, Wyclef Jean sets the story straight. The book grabs you as he described finding out about the earthquake in Haiti.  How he jets down there before the sunrise the next very day and puts all his energy to assist his fellow countryman.  A very riveting description of the stench of death and total destruction that caused days of mayhem after the worse earthquake in that small nation’s history and how people struggled to cope.

In this life story, Jean has experienced a lot in his young forty two years; he has had some high successes and some low failures. What is most interesting about this book is that is humanizes this superstar and you discover his passion to help others and his commitment to making the world a better place.

Wyclef Jean is a young brother whose star will continue to rise as he lives a truly purpose filled life.

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Book facts:

Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story

2012 Harper Collins 252 pp

ISBN: 978-0-06-19668-6

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