There is nothing that is more darkly gothic than the Rocky Horror Show. This production by the Next Stage Theatre Company is simply high energy and masterfully done on the Alley Stage off the Marietta Square. This is the perfect way to get ready for Halloween.

Brad and Janet are inviting you to see “The Rocky Horror Show”

What impressed me the most was that after experiencing this phenomenon of the Rocky Horror magic for over twenty five years, the story felt fresh. This production is based on the book, lyrics, and music by Richard O’Brien.

I went to the best show time, a midnight witching hour performance. In the audience, there were people dressed up in Goth darkness and they repeated the lines with fun witty come backs. (Participation is highly encouraged, so don’t be shy.)  Be sure to jump into the classic “time warp” dance.

At the time of its origins, Rocky Horror seemed so naughty with transvestites, sheer outfits, and sexy fish net stockings.  However, in today’s world it is pretty tame.  However, the story of self discovery and finding your groove is still relevant today. We all at one point feel like an outcast.

Never seen Rocky Horror? End your Rocky Horror virginity and join in for a night of fun debauchery at the most naughty theater off the Marietta Square.

With a live in house band and direction by Rob Roy Hardie, The Rocky Horror Show runs through November 3rd at the Next Stage Theatre Company that promotes “simple theater” to the metro Atlanta community.  Next up is one of my all time favorites, Cabaret from December 15th-31st.

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