At the High Museum contemporary art exhibit “Fast Forward: Modern Moments 1913-2013” there is one particular photograph that stayed with me. It is a black and white photograph by Dennis Hopper Double Standard 1961 where you see a view from within a car and can clearly see what is going behind the car in the rear view mirror, but you the from view is of a busy intersection with a sign that spells out twice Standard/Standard side by side. In our life’s journey we are always moving forward but as we peek into the rear mirror of life we see different things depending where we are and who we are resulting in a double standard.

Dennis Hopper, Double Standard, 1961, gelatin silver print, © Dennis Hopper now at High Museum of Art

In Some Girl(s) Guy (Grant McGowen) is on an odyssey to rediscover and tie up loose ends of his relationship life.  The cause?  Well, he is getting hitched and somehow wants to start his happy ever after with his new bride on a clean slate.

In theory, this sounds like a romantic nostalgic journey with noble intentions, in reality it is a whole lot of mess.

As Guy traverses the country meeting these old flames in his hotel room, you discover that he gets most of the blame for the termination of the relationship.  Thus creating a “double standard” of memory and the facts besides history is really just written down gossip.  A few of his visits range from the sex kitten, the MILF, to his first love, Guy opens a can of worms that spread out, making a messy situation.

Grant McGowen does a good job of playing the “good guy” with noble intentions but at times you want to shake him to” man up” and let go of the past.

Raw and in your face drama, Pinch ‘N Ouch brings to life on stage the complexity of life and love with a little bit of sexy sass.

Some Girl(s) reminds you that it takes two to tango and you can never go back….or maybe you can, find out for yourself.

Some Girl(s): Romantic Comedy runs through October 21 where the cool kids reside at Pinch ‘N Ouch Theatre playing at the Selah Center Theatre at 1085 Ponce De Leon Ave NE.  For more information visit:

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