If you haven’t seen the Ghastly Dreadfuls’ Halloween-themed adult puppet show at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts, you better hurry up because they are on their farewell run until October 27! This will be your last chance to see the cult favorite specters perform before they disappear after seven years of undead jamborees. They perform both original numbers and ones created by (or with the help of) others. The premise is that the crew is a gang of undead ghouls come back from the dead (in human and animal form) to tell you ghost stories through puppetry, song, and dance. Characters include Lady Dreadful, Dizzily Dreadful, Daftly Dreadful, Shockingly Dreadful, Darkly Dreadful, Catly Dreadful, Doggedly Dreadful, and Simply Dreadful. Each member of the multitalented crew is allowed a moment to shine during at least one number (if not multiple numbers). The Ghastly Dreadfuls use a varied combination of different styles of puppetry to amuse, astound, and amaze the audience, including marionettes, shadow puppets, a carnival puppet, light curtain puppets, and more.

The Ghastly Dreadfuls combination of vaudevillian style humor, song and dance, and puppets wins over audiences every year during October and often the shows sell out quickly. Their popular ghastly tales feature a vampire, several ghosts and their international relatives, cold-blooded killers, dancing skeletons, death, cowboy legend, zombies, a luchador, and other oddities. They’ve incorporated some crowd favorites in their repertoire this year, including “Le Petit Vampyr,” “’Tain’t No Sin To Take Off Your Skin & Dane Around In Your Bones,” a classic Halloween song mash up, “Le Danse Macabre,” “Zombie Jamboree,” and their “All Hallows’ Eve” finale among other interesting tales. Even a Mark Twain short story (with Mark Twain puppet) was performed! All in all it’s a delightful show full of adult and silly humor, fun songs, spooky puppets, and ghoulish performers. (Did I mention that the performers do double duty as musicians too? Well, they do!) It’s very unfortunate to see this show depart from the real world for good, but it is quite entertaining and I’d recommend catching it before these dreadful ghosts fade back into oblivion! (The show is recommended for ages 16+. There is no nudity or violence – unless puppet on puppet violence is a crime. You do have strong language and a few crude jokes to up the adult quotient though.)

Center For Puppetry Arts

The Ghastly Dreadfuls
Performing Wednesday – Saturday nights until October 27, 2012
Show starts at 8 p.m.
Downstairs Theatre
Recommended for ages 16+