The event was the 2nd annual Atlanta Cancer Care Benefit Show at 120 Tavern and Music Hall put on by Jon Bodan of Halcyon Way and his wife, TBB’s own Metal Shöp mistress, Ann Bodan. Eleven of the best metal bands Atlanta has to offer shared in fighting for the cause. It was an awesome event!! Thanks to all the Atlanta Metal Heads over $5000 was raised to help support cancer patients pay their bills while in treatment.

ThroatpuncH was one of those bands that gave back. ThroatpuncH is a hard hitting original metal band that won best rock band honors at the 2012 Georgia Music Awards.

These guys have developed a band that’s everything a Metal Head is looking for; “Lyrics deep and mindbending along with heart pounding action with a dose of  the unusual & mystery! ”
Each member are excellent musicians! Adam Lahr is a wild man full of charisma you can’t help but stop, look and listen! Paul Lawrence is a wicked bassist . . .  one of the best I have seen! Then there is Vic Ferla.  You can’t tell where the man ends and drums begin , the perfect union! Robert Arsenault’s passion for metal comes through loud and clear with his guitar skills! Ashley Taylor = major guitarnage!! Albin Carey Blomkvest aka Samplebocker will have to be left to your imagination. Now for the interview . . .


How did ThroatpuncH start?

ThroatpuncH started as a side project away from their current project at the time with only using Victor, Rob and myself….Victor and Rob had close to ten years of playing together and they had great chemistry….I had only been in the previous project with them for 6 months until we decided to venture out and start a new project. We wrote three songs and then decided we would start trying out singers.I put ads up and we had some hopefuls, Adam was actually recommended to us by a guy that tried out for the singing position. When Adam arrived to his audition we all jelled , Adam was a perfect fit.
We all had wanted to have samples incorporated into the music and Adam’s long time friend Samplebocker (Carey) was thrown into the mix. We had issues with a few of our lead guitar players and we thought we finally had one when it came time to record the album. He was not ready and his solo work was not completed so we were forced to fire him and record the album and just add the leads later when we found the right guy/girl. Corey Lowery of Stuck Mojo/ Dark New Day and his current project Eye Empire recorded and mixed the album…on the day we were supposed have the leads done we told him that they weren’t ready and we had to fire the lead guitarist.
He said he’d like to get the album finished and his brother Clint Lowery (Seven Dust) would do all the leads on the album. Vic and I got so drunk that night when Clint confirmed on doing the leads. Ashley was recommended to us by the lead guitarist of the now defunct DeathLockAshley showed up for his audition and had already learned most the songs and he was made a member.

Tell us something about Vic.

Vic loves good music from the old school like the Beatles to the new school modern metal and dubstep. If the music makes him move he can get in to it.

What is your background?

Well, I have a degree in Music Entertainment Management and I’ve always had a very hard time finding musicians that were dedicated and talented. I went many years bouncing around the Atlanta music scene with nothing to really show for it. Somehow I found myself in a hard rock project that I wrote 99% of the music and lyrics with Vic. (as a singer) called Black. Vic was also in a local metal band called Manic(with Robert) that was in need of a bass player. Vic pulled me in to the fold with Manic and we gigged with both projects for a year or so. Black and Manic both fizzled out and Robert,Vic and I decided to form a new project that became ThroatpuncH.

Future of ThroatpuncH?

The future of ThroatpuncH depends on all the current members,we all know how difficult it is to make this our full-time  job….it would be nice if we got to that point.
As long as we all continue to have fun and play some really good shows, then there is no reason why ThroatpuncH wouldn’t be around for years to come.

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