I learned so much at Harvard! The possibilities were endless! Archeology, paleontology, biology, chemistry… the list goes on.

When I went to Harvard, I was worried I might be bored.  I was worried my brothers might embarrass me.  I was not sure I would really LEARN anything.

I was wrong!!!

I went to Harvard and learned so much! I learned about the history of New England and the wild life here. I learned about hundreds of species of birds and mammals. I learned about some history, including things like Mayan history.

I really enjoyed looking through time and seeing the dinosaurs.  I was so surprised when I saw the biggest dinosaur skeleton I have ever seen!!!!

So, what I learned at Harvard was that I had a lot to learn still!

I highly recommend you go and check out The Harvard Museum of Natural History and learn some things yourself!

They have a new and great thing coming this weekend called “Fungus Fair” – Family festival with Harvard students, faculty, and museum educators. Learn how scientists collect and study mushrooms, examine an array of fungi specimens from the field and lab, and participate in kids’ activities.

100612115552By the way, my little brother Dorian learned how to tie his shoes at Harvard! What a great story that will be!

Oh yeah, my Mom said we were “smarties” for going to Harvard…. heehee… she is so funny. She brought “Smarties” for us to eat while at Harvard.

Aleena Alex is the nine year old daughter of The Backstage Beat owners, Rob and Ange Alex. She loves all things creative and hopes to one day own a bakery, be a singer and artist, and a part time paleontologist. Yep, she rocks![/em]