Who said political science could not be fun? Well, the kids at Dad’s Garage have out done themselves again. Taken on a history less and transformed it into a quick review of our nation’s 44 commander in chiefs.

No one is immune as Thomas Jefferson gets some taunting from Benjamin Franklin, who takes on this chief executive on side by side accomplishments. Old Hickory Andrew Jackson is taken advantage by his friends and no one liked a better time than Grover Cleveland.

The whimsical set looks like a barn and porch. A star box lights up similar to an “applause” sign that reminds the audience on “direct quotes” and the round robin role of the President is designated by the commander and chief special star and stripes dinner jacket.

I enjoyed the review of the early Presidents that no one really remembers like Martin Van Buren, James Polk, and Millard Fillmore.  All I had known previously of Franklin Pierce was that he was a distant relative of former first lady Barbara Bush. You will no doubt leave knowing something new from our nation’s history.

Don’t like politics, don’t fret, it is a fun whimsical peek into the lasting legacy of the 44 Presidents that have been bold to take on the charge to lead our nation. If you love politics, warning, you might not want to leave.

This is the perfect way to gear up for the upcoming Presidential election.  For better or worse, these men were chosen to make the decisions that no one else wants to make.

Have fun one night learning in a wacky way some of the quirky facts of the President’s of the United States.

44 Plays for 44 Presidents at Dad’s Garage runs through November 6 at the Lil’5 playhouse, Dad’s Garage.  For tickets and info on shows visit: www.DadsGarage.com



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