I’m sure we all get fed up with all the negative ads and continual pundits’ criticism of our Presidents.  It seems things go from being bad to worse, but what are we to do?

Is it possible to take a page from Shakespeare and hunt them down? Change can begin at the top and a clear hit could start a new slate. This is highly unlikely in our civilized public discourse but throughout our nation’s history there have been a handful of individuals that decided to take the route. To be willing to have blood on their hands for whatever deranged reason they might have.

In the musical Assassins, you are given on a morbid history lesson of those few that attempted to take out the Commander-in-Chief. Some were successful and others weren’t. Most of these assassins were on a noble quest from John Wilkes Booth odyssey to save the union to John Hinckley who wanted to demonstrate his love for the actress Jodi Foster.

You can resist to be endeared by a few.  Some of my favorites were John Wilkes Booth (Brian Clowdus) who shines as the spokesman for the group.  Brian Clowdus captures both in form and spirit the Booth’s likeness.

Squeaky Fromme (Christina Hoff) is loveable in her own demented way, and Sara Jane Moore (Heidi Cline McKerley) adds a bit of slapstick silliness.

With fun whimsical tunes and a few parting shots, the Assassins is a fun morbid history lesson into the dark side of politics.

The Assassins runs through November 11, 2012 at the Fabrefaction Theatre Company. For details and tickets visit: www.Fabrefaction.org or call (404)876-9468

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