With all the bad news all around, it is good to for a few hours be taken away to a touching love story. Beauty and the Beast is a timeless tale of love, hope, and believing in the beauty from within that hails from the 18th century folk talk. This was my first time seeing Beauty and the Beast on the stage and I walked out believing in the magic of love. It was fun to see all the princesses in the audiences and sparkling tiaras.

If you are one of the few who have not seen the movie or play, the story is simple. The Beast (Darick Pead) was placed under a spell by an enchantress for being self centered and having no love in his heart. He was condemned to live a world of physical ugliness.

The only way to break the spell was for the Beast to find someone to love and have them love him back. A timely feat, because it was all under the watchful presence of a magical rose that was slowly wilting away and this cure needed to play out before the rose lost its last petal.

In comes the beauty Belle (Hilary Maibeger) who is full of life. With her love of books and bookworm habits, she has an odd outlook but it does not matter because she basks in her father’s love. Suddenly the town catch, Gaston (Jeff Brooks) is enamored by the grace and beauty of Belle.

The stage mixes and mashes the theatrics of the Disney magic with a fun whimsical scene where Belle is treated to a feast at the Beast’s castle. With a living teapot, carpet (@TonyDalelio), and candle stick including glittering spoons, knives, and forks is a cancan of exuberance.

The major lesson is to love for other versus inner love.  Needless to say, everyone is beautiful to someone.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has made a stop at the Fabulous Fox as part of the 5/3 Bank Broadway Series through Sunday December 2nd.  Don’t miss out to experience this uplifting tale as a bit of Broadway glitter falls upon Peachtree Street.

For tickets and information visit: www.FoxTheatre.org or www.foxatltix.com  or call 1-855-ATL-TIXX

For more info on the 3/5 Bank Broadway Series check out the http://atlanta.broadway.com/


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