Carolina Story is made up of Ben Roberts and Emily Olson. They met in 2007 at Visible Music College in Memphis and hit it off immediately…both musically and personally. After a camping trip to North Carolina, they began to discuss their musical futures and started playing together as Carolina Story. Ben, a dead ringer for Thor (you know the god of thunder), accompanies the duo on guitar and harp. Emily, a tall, striking beauty with roots in North Dakota, is the angelic voiced counter to  Ben’s soulful singing and thundering velvet handed guitar.

On the Soul Stormin’ Tour, Carolina Story chose to open tonight’s show rather than headline. Drawing heavily from their recent release Home, this husband and wife duo sing about life and love on the road. My favorite from the set and their new album is “Someone Else,” with a chorus seemingly from my yoga practice – “If we could only see past ourselves…Then we could finally see someone else.”

The only cover was Ben’s tribute to his greatest musical influence–fellow Arkansas native, Levon Helm. Their soulful version of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” was a highlight of their show.

Throughout the set, the talkative Ben spoke of life on the road and the ups and downs that a married couple experience. His ode to his wife, an apology song, “Cheers To Loving Me” can be viewed in a self made video on YouTube. At the end of the show, Ben said, “We sing songs about our life.” I felt like I had become musically intimate with this young and talented couple and their take on living and loving life on the road.

Star & Micey is one of the best bands you have never heard of–I had to look twice as I thought I was listening to a stripped down version of the Decemberists. Hailing from my home town of Memphis, the Soul Stormin’ lineup of Star & Micey is Josh Cosby, Geoff Smith and Nick Redmond. Word is they have a crazy loyal following in Memphis, and they made a serious impression at this year’s SXSW music festival in Austin.

They had a childlike and comedic charm; they played old timey-tinged pop tunes that make you want to bounce up and down in your seat, if you hadn’t already stood up to clap along with the band. They closed their indie-folk, pop, and bluegrass tinged set with the Howlin’ Wolf classic “Mississippi Queen” accompanied by Carolina Story.

All in all, a great evening of Americana music at one of the ATL’s best live listening venues, Eddie’s Attic.


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Setlist – Carolina Story @ Eddie’s Attic 11-7-2012

Carry Me Home
53 Days
Someone Else
If I Could Hold You
Morning Bird
My Feet Keep Me Moving
Cheers To Loving Me
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Band cover)
Lonely Without You
I‘m Gonna Love You Forever