~~Celebration of new MUSIC ~~
CD release party for AndLove’s “Listen Up” and The Truth’s “From Daybreak to Nightlife” with the music of Offbeat Hooligans.
Friday, November 9th Locos Grill and Pub – Buckhead.

They know no boundary nor limit. They don’t play music they LIVE music. They don’t put on a show. They put on a PERFORMANCE. They are… The Truth.

The Truth family consists of five very unique gentlemen from all over the East Coast. First is Ashton Gibbs; The Drummer. He was born May 21, 1992 in New Orleans where they are known for their tongue charming foods and their vivid music scene. He recently moved after the flood took away his family’s home. His family juggled back and forth between N.O and G.A for a while. Finally, he moved to Kennesaw, Georgia where he continued his interest in music and his love for football. He currently attends Harrison High School and is soon graduating. Next is Quantarius Leavell; better known as “Q”. People usually take him to be the fearsome silent type. Don’t let that fool you. Q’s lively bass lines and “Bob ya head” riffs speak his true character. He was born October 16, 1992 in Douglasville, Georgia. He moved around from place to place til finally, he settled in Acworth, Georgia. He’s a VERY quick learner. He played football for a few years at school. Things weren’t looking “Sunny-side up” as Q got into trouble and followed the wrong crowd. It didn’t take long for him to find the right path though. He picked up bass after seeing and hearing a few people do it themselves and is addicted to it’s melodies, bends, and hammer ons. He is currently attending school and will be graduating soon. Lloyds Phipps Jr, also known as Phipps. A gentleman in his own league. He’s the Lyricist of the group From his witty punch lines to his crazy dance skills Lloyd is always up to see someone smile. Lloyd was born in Bronx, New York October 24, 1989. He moved to Acworth, georgia in 2003. Lloyd first realized he had talent in him when he met Sean. Sean asked Lloyd to write to a song he was making and ever since then Lloyds never been the same. haha. He is currently attending college to become a male nurse. Lloyd is a big fan of Michael Jackson which explains his crazy dance moves. Carey Durham, The business man. Carey was born June 1, 1989 in Atlanta, Ga. He’s the violinist and vocalist in the band. Carey’s been playing violin for fourteen years. He’s always had a passion for music. Even though his life was emotionally rough at times music was always his muse. He’s created masterpiece after masterpiece, expressing himself the best way he possibly can. Some people say his voice resembles that of John Legend. They even say he could be the next Andre 3000 [ Carey 4 stacks if you will]. Either way he continuously works hard and expands his horizons. He lives in Austell, Ga and is currently attending college to become an audio engineer. Last and surely not least, Sean Northover. “Sean has been into music since he was a baby.” his family says. Sean started writing his first rhyme at the age of 12. He was born March 30, 1990 in Summit, New Jersey. At Age 3 he moved a town over, Orange, and was raised there til he was 13. Later he and his family moved to Acworth, Georgia. His sophomore year in high school, Sean picked up the guitar. Ever since he’s never put it down. Music is his everything. It’s his up and his down. Just like Carey, he also had hard time in his life and found music to be his therapy. He began a band the same year he picked up guitar. A few months later that was ended. After going through several bands, at the end of high school he was a solo artist. A few months later his best friend Q picked up bass. The following months Sean met Carey in a Video audio 102 class. Together they formed a musical union, but there was something missing… AH! Drums! Q called Ashton, Sean called Lloyd, all five got together and the family was complete. These young men hold a bond so tight and so unique that some envy their connection. They are all types of music within themselves. They are funk. They are soul. They are jazz. They are alternative, hip hop, acoustic, rhythm and blues, and list can go on.

~~I am a man of Faith and I am a man of Love I am that I am and they call me AndLove~~
“This is a painting done by my father. May he rest in peace. I love my dad and he was full of art and creativity. This album is dedicated to him. I wanted to put my fathers artwork and mine together so here is the album cover for AndLove Listen Up.” Timmy Halischak

AndLoveMusic is a three piece band playing the styles of reggae, hip-hop, and pop music. This band has accomplished a lot in a small amount of time. The band started with Timmy Halischak writing songs on an 8 track recorder and performing them at open mics and coffee shops all over Atlanta. Aside Timmy in this band is Drew Funkhouser on the bass. Having grown up together playing music, made us a perfect match for the style. Finally to complete the project, Chris Rickard on drums and percussion. Timmy heard about Chris through the grape vine and was looking for a new drummer.  If you haven’t seen this band live yet, you are in for a very cool and lively treat. They will keep you rocking and dancing all night long with their reggae flows, positive lyrics, funky bass lines, and beats that will get you on your feet. People Get Ready cause there is a new band in town and their name is AndLove Music

“Offbeat Hooligans is a band from Atlanta that wants to share their super funky verses, catchy choruses, and dirty blues solos with the World!”

Offbeat Hooliganswas formed at the end of 2010 in Atlanta by bassist/singer Ben Rickard, guitarist Austin Saxon, Singer Boris Adamack, and drummer Eric
  January Offbeat Hooligans will release their CD  BE CIVILIZED  it will show off their  roots with styles ranging from REGGAE, BLUES, and FUNK.

Locos Grill and Pub -Buckhead
3167 Peachtree Road
Doors open at 9:00
$10 cover