Life is a series of choices, and the results can turn out to be melody or misery.  This is especially true in relationships where being faithful and honest can be challenging over time. Simply ask former CIA director David Petreaus when he lost his post for indiscretion.

This tale dives into the world of two couples: Danny and Sonya and Andy and DJ.  At the onset, they appear to be perfect romantic couples until you discover that a little hanky-panky is going on. The play is wickedly delicious with its unexpected twist and turns. Several audience members shouted out “No she didn’t!” but yes, “he did.”

It seems that affairs start so easy, but tend to get messy as the web of relationships expands and becomes entangled.

Choices: Melody or Misery falls in line with Dream Catcher Production’s continuous focus to stretch the boundaries of human emotions and showcase the raw realities of infidelities.

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