Emily Giffin embodies everyone’s best friend: she is sweet, smart, and beautiful with a caring ear who listens to all your worries while giving you sound support and advice. Her books have evolved from very light “chick lit” reading to a more personal exploration of the human heart.

In Where We Belong, Giffin delves into the world of adoptions. She writes about the two sides of a very complex situation.

Speaking before a packed house at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCCA) in conversation with Mara Davis, former host at Dave FM, Giffin admits this story came from an experience she had in high school in Chicago. Her lab partner disappeared for a year–come to find out that in her partner’s absence she gave birth to a baby and gave it up to adoption.  This mother had the chance to hold the baby boy; all she knew is that he went to Texas.  The mother did give the option for her information to be released at her 18th birthday. Giffin remembers seeing this young woman write letters to her baby if he ever decided to come looking for her.

This planted the seed for this latest book, Where We Belong.  Giffin has lost touch with her friend and even has tried to find her on Facebook to avail. Giffin was curious about the questions of identity and self in this world of adoption and explores this subject in this book.

With six books under her belt–with several becoming movies–Giffin is a very accomplished author and New York Times bestseller.

The big news that day was that there will probably be a sequel to Where We Belong, but it will be a few books down the road. She wants to let those ideas gestate.  Giffin also has changed her publisher and wants to expand her subjects.

The second piece of big news is that she is slowing down a bit to produce one book every two years instead of every year, because she wants to spend more time being a mother and enjoying the little things. It also allows her to write the best book she can without being rushed.

Giffin admits to being a recovering lawyer and she always wanted to be a writer since she was 5 or 6, keeping a journal through law school. It took her four years to write her first book while she was a working lawyer; that book was rejected many times before it became published. She even has the letter on her web site.

As for her writing process, Giffin gets an idea, develops the characters, and writes the story. She is not much of a researcher; her characters are basically good people who do the right thing.

With her husband Buddy in the audience, she was glad to be before a hometown crowd in Dunwoody; she lives in neighboring Buckhead.  Giffin loves her fans and keeps in touch. http://www.emilygiffin.com/

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