We are living in some tough times, and no one knows better than comedian Chris Tucker. Not only has he gone broke, but he also has some major taxes due.  “I should have never taken tax advice from Wesley Snipes,” commented the comedian Chris Tucker as he opened a two-day set at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

Tucker plans to tape these live performances and make them into a film like in the same vein as Eddie Murphy’s Raw or the Kings of Comedy tour.

On the first night, no topic was taboo as he took on sex, church, mama issues, dogs, dating, Bill Clinton, Obama, and Michael Jackson.  MJ used to call him “Christmas” and Tucker did a close impression of the singer. He noted some touching moments at Neverland, hearing Jackson sing his favorite tunes like 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and hanging with the former King of Pop.

Tucker noted that everywhere he goes, he gets the same question: is he ever going to do another Friday? He is not against it, if there’s a decent script and the money is good.

Tucker did admit the real reason he was hustlin’ so much that night was that he owed a significant amount of money to the IRS.  As a matter of fact, they were hanging in the back ready to collect their money like a mafia boss.

Tucker also spoke of his mom, how the first thing he did when he made it was taking care of her. But she was tough to them growing up.  She ruled that house and his father, who left them when they were children, also knew how to pull out the belt now and then.

Tucker talked about the joys of being a father and how his son has it made.  His son has two dogs; for last Halloween did not want to walk in the neighborhood, he wanted to ride in the Bentley. The comedian remembered how when he was growing up you never went and bought dogs, you found them.

As for other impressions, he got to travel with Bill Clinton to Africa and how the former president loved how Tucker mimicked him.  “Come on Tucker, do me,” chuckled Clinton. Tucker became Obama and was hopeful that Obama was going to be different in his second term, more assertive and allow the “real Barry to come out.”

Tucker touched on how hard it is to date and be real and he acted out how tough it was to be with younger women.  “They are different,” he noted. Once he was in “the act” with a much younger woman and he looked at her and she was tweeting! Tucker shared some his sexual techniques as he got quite comfortable with his on stage prop, “the chair.”

All in all, Tucker gave me a few chuckles and it will be interesting to see how the movie will turn out.  One more night to check out the high pitched antics of Chris Tucker live at the Fabulous Fox, simply titled Guess Who’s Back?

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