Missouri native, Luke Mitchem will be touring the southeast and has designated Smith’s Olde Bar as the perfect locale to gather some people to celebrate the recent release of his new album,“Winter Kissing on the Spring”.
With special guests Jeannie Caryn and Joe Garner,this is sure to be a memorable night full of story-telling,enlightenment, and fun!

Friday MUSIC starts at 8
$8 @ the door the Atlanta Room

Jeannie Caryn is driven by her passion to capture and celebrate the human experience through her artistic endeavors, always moving forward towards authentic communication and connections with those who share this world.Jeannie states, “It’d be great to see my name in neon lights on the Vegas Strip someday, but ultimately, if I can please an audience with story, song, or art, I think I’ll feel accomplished!”

Joe Garner a.k.a. Rufus Ray describes himself :
I’m a sound-maker.
Tune in, turn on, create some waves, rock the boat.
I enjoy a well-tuned car like a resonating note.
The hum, the drive, the billowing of exhaust, relief; the sense of accomplishment only achieved after years of discovering all the little details that makes these things run.
I prefer thinking over writing.
But always reading, signals, changes, similarities.
I whistle, bounce, and jostle; and the noise reverberates to you.