Matt G will have Green’s Tavern Rockin’ Friday November 16th with Clive Marsh & Donnell Summerville, Jr.

Matt Griswold is a self-taught musician and songwriter based in Lilburn, GA. Matt’s journey in music began on Christmas Day 2005. While expelled from high school, Matt’s mother noticed the amount of time he spent in his bedroom performing to himself and bought him a $100 Jackson guitar from a local music shop. From the day he received the guitar he began to play daily, teaching himself riffs and notes along the way.With musical influences that he admits sometimes comes from weird places, Matt’s catalogue includes 25 original songs and performances at some of Georgia’s top music outlets including the historic Eddie’s Attic, The Apache Café and The Rock Haiti Benefit Concert in Duluth, GA.

Describing his music as current, creative and original, at 17 Matt’s talents got him noticed by Nina Easton, the woman who helped Vanilla Ice gain entry into the music world, and he was offered a recording contract with Ichiban Records. He credits artists such as Jason Mraz, Keith Urban, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, B.o.B, Adele and Colbie Caillait as some of his major influences, however Matt says “I am inspired by anyone and everyone who make good music passionately.” When asked his thoughts on how he wishes to be seen in the music world, Matt says, “I want to be appreciated and respected as a GOOD guitar player and composer.”

Blessed with a witty disposition and boyish good looks, Matt is also a risk taker and considers himself a part time Ghost Hunter. It is not uncommon to find him and his friends spending nights in creepy old buildings hoping to see ghosts. Now 20, Matt is completely immersed in his music. Recently signing with The Musical Mindz Music Company, Matt works under the direction of Marc Baldwin, a music teacher and accomplished musician who has worked with new comers and established artists.