Since the year Megadeth hit the stage for the first time in 1983, they have rocked the world with their thrash metal. Recently, Megadeth performed on November 26th at the Tabernacle in Atlanta on the Countdown to Extinction tour. Once again they showed Atlantians that Megadeth still has staying power.

Opening the show was a stoner hard rock band from LA called Kyng. The stage at the Tabernacle is pretty big, and I wondered how a three piece would manage not to look like ants on it. I was pleased to see Kyng rock it on the stage, and make their presence known throughout their set. The vocalist/guitar player Eddie Veliz had a voice that reminded me of a raspy Chris Cornell, and he sang with a passion on stage. When Eddie wasn’t singing he was rocking out with some great sludgy riffs while whipping his hair round and round. Tony Castaneda possessed the other side of the stage with his bass playing in the same manner. He was whipping his hair around and playing bass and singing backup vocals. Also, I gotta say Kyng’s drummer Pepe Clarke just makes drumming look easy. With his more aggressive approach to drumming, he makes his presence known on stage. Along with Kyng’s awesome performance, they played a new song called Used as Fool. A more “angry” song, and it certainly got everyone’s attention.

Next up was the legendary Megadeth. Honestly, I can’t say enough how great the Megadeth show was that night at the Tabernacle. The show behind Megadeth was just as cool as their performance only adding to the awesomeness of this show. Behind Megadeth were three large screens. One screen on each side of the drummer, and one extra huge one over the drummers head that played video footage. What was cool about the video is that it related to the each song. Without Megadeth’s usual pyrotechnics, the video on the huge screens was a nice touch. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Megadeth run all over stage whipping their hair around, and watching the footage on the video screens. Megadeth played some classic fan faves and the entire Countdown to Extinction album. Ending the show with Holy Wars…The Punishment Due, I was hypnotized by the music and didn’t want the show to end!! I think that says a lot about a band that’s been around for nearly thirty years. Thanks Megadeth for the great show!!

Megadeth set list:


Hangar 18

Public Enemy No. 1

Skin o’ My Teeth

Symphony of Destruction

Architecture of Aggression

Foreclosure of a Dream

Sweating Bullets

This Was My Life

Countdown to Extinction

High Speed Dirt


Captive Honour

Ashes in Your Mouth


Peace Sells

Holy Wars… The Punishment Due