Taking a night to meet off the main campus of the MJCCA,  two distinct books were featured, centering on parenting:  Sh*tty Mom and Dan Gets a Minivan.

Dan Gets a Minivan by Dan Zevin is about how one former hip guy transformed into a minivan guy and loving it. Dan Zevin noted that he put the name on the book because he is now known only as “the dad.”

Comedian Zevin showed up prepared for the Jewish crowd wearing a shirt that said the simple word: “Oy!”

The book is going to be produced into a television show, chronicling the up and downs of parenting and how to see the humorous sides of being a dad. Zevin also puts in his changing relationship with his own mother, who still treats him like a kid. Her advice in her book was to put a “vampire” in it and it would sure be a best seller.

In Sh*tty Mom by Mary Ann Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo, this book goes into the unglamorous side of being a mom.  The authors, who are both producers at the Today Show, shared that the book idea came about one day when they were having margaritas and sharing why each was a “sh*tty mom.”  They wrote some ideas down and contacted a comedic writer and came up with this book.

Some advice: when your kid comes to wake up in the morning, act like you are asleep and they will go over to the dad’s side of the bed who will jump up and take care of whatever they need.

The book title Sh*tty Mom was a joke until 7 out of the 8 publishers they approached told them to keep the title.  Being a mom is tough, so why not just laugh instead of cry about the never ending list of mommy duties?

Be sure to capture part of the 21st Edition of the Book Festival of the  MJCCA running through November 18th which has 52 authors with 38 events in eighteen days.

A fun way to learn more about the literary scene, A Cappella books is on site selling books, so you can get them signed; a are perfect gift for this holiday season.

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