Mixing up subject matter and part of the MJCCA Book Festival, two authors shared the stage on different sides of the coin on the single life: Devan Sipher in The Wedding Beat and Meredith Goldstein in The Singles.

Deven Sipher, who wrote for the New York Times and put together the features on couples’ nuptials, was always the writer about weddings and never the groom.  His book delves into a fictional tale of a writer seeking love.

In putting a good portrait of a couple, Sipher acknowledges he would spend in excess of eighty hours for the sake of a good piece. Thousands applied for a chance to share their own story.  He admits that every application is read and even hinted the best month to apply is February when there seems to be fewer weddings.

Sipher admitted this book was partly a “want ad” for his own pursuit of love.

Meredith Goldstein, in her book The Singles, takes a slightly different twist.  She writes a column for the Boston Globe dispensing dating advice. In this book she takes all the archetypes of those involved in a wedding and builds on that. Her protagonist does the unthinkable: going to a wedding alone.

Goldstein, who admits to having a cotton candy addiction that lead her to buying a cotton candy machine, says her job is sometimes more glamorized than it is. She is not always doing interviews with fascinating people and answering life changing questions.  She notes she has to walk a fine line in her answers.  One letter from a guy asked her if it was shallow for him to cancel the wedding because his bride to be would not do one certain act.  She could not refer to the name of said act, so she called it “grilled cheese.”  This guy loved grilled cheese, but could not imagine his life without a grilled cheese (check here for the story).

In her book, she gets to write about wedding stereotypes: the “singles,” the creepy uncle, and that one person who says they know no one.

In the end “happiness is a choice, and you have to choose to be happy,” notes Goldstein.

Check out these fun whimsical look into the world of dating.

Devan Sipher: The Wedding Beat

Meredith Goldstein, The Singles

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