Recreating a classic like Leo Tolstoy’s  600 pages Anna Karenina  into a major movie is quite a challenge and the movie Anna Karenina will simply blow you away.

A timeless tale of the choice between a safe and secure relationship versus one filled with passion and love.  Anna Karenina (Keira Knightley) is conflicted with this delicate balance.

In 18th Century the Russian capital was moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg.  St. Petersburg was mostly aligned with Western Europe, mostly France and was center of cultural life.

The scenes are breathtaking and costumes are exquisite.  On the big screen you are transported to the 18th century and can’t resist in rooting for love and passion even though this choice can leave a messy trail. Anna grows to be a strong woman but in the end she is wavers back and forth until she allow destiny to take hold.

Enter the sumptuous world of Anna Karenina and see a movie about the beauty and complexity of love.

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