Peter Greenberg admits to logging more than four hundred thousand miles in travel a year as a travel correspondent. He spoke on his latest book The Best Places for Everything: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to the Greatest Experiences Around the World and the ups and downs of traveling at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCAA).

With Melissa Long, reporter for WXIA Channel 11 serving as moderator, Greenberg was pretty open about his travel experience. As for the cheapest places to travel right now, he recommends Argentina and Thailand.

Greenberg also provides hints when making reservations for flights, as many people make simple mistakes. One is to ask the wrong questions and the other totally depends on the web. When calling an airline, the best time is midnight on Tuesday morning in the time zone of the location of the home office of the airline.  Ask for all flights to be pulled up “All Published Fares” for your destination and then ask for the least expensive. Then a date that will work. He also says to ask if they have any “positioning flights.”

Greenberg admits that the good old days of cheap flights might be gone since there are fewer flights and less legacy airlines.  The new normal may be to drive two hundred miles to get a flight to where you are going.

He suggest traveling light–“less is more”–Greenberg opts to Fed Ex his luggage to his destination.  He tries to reduce the hassle points as much as he can.

As for jet lag, the best advice is to say hydrated and keep in mind that being jetlagged is a state of mind.  To try to stay up until 11 PM at your destination and let you body clock reset.  Stay away from alcohol as it can dehydrate you.

Good advice from a man who has been to 157 of the 196 countries around the world.  As to where is his favorite place is, he admits “where I sleep the best.” His home and Ireland are two that come up. His home in New York City has been impacted by Hurricane Sandy and he is on his way to help out as a fireman, which he finds time to do.

For more helpful hints, get the book The Best Places for Everything: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to the Greatest Experiences Around the World or check out his website:

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