• Friday, November 30 8:00 pm
  • Levi Lowrey, Joe McGuinness, & The Wheeler Boys
  • The Five Spot: 1123 Euclid Avenue
  •  Benefit for the American Cancer Society

The Wheeler Brothers evolving from hip-hop enthusiasts to acclaimed rap duo is an achievement. Already recognized for their independent endeavors, they have re-released their EP, My Brother’s Keeper, now backed by Zac Brown’s imprint Southern Ground Artists, Inc.Revamping My Brother’s Keeper, they collaborated with Atlanta-based blues favorite Joe McGuinness, weaving two different sounds into a new sub-genre.

“Being on Southern Ground has opened up a whole new level of musicianship and we’re embracing it,” G explains their ever-growing creativity.
The release of My Brother’s Keeper was pivotal in showcasing the Wheelers’ intriguing story-telling skills. “Our music sounds better but still has the same appeal of hungry up-and-comers,” Garrett says proudly. In 2011 The Wheeler Boys were deemed Best Hip Hop Group in Atlanta by local publication Creative Loafing. This marked the 3rd consecutive year for the group to win this honor, tying only Outkast for 3 successive wins for the same recognition. “Everybody claims they’re trying to do something different,” Sean says, “but we are doing something different.” “Our whole intention is to make heartfelt music that lasts,” Garrett adds, “music that people from all backgrounds can feel.”

Levi Lowrey aims to make his mark by delivering honest and direct songwriting to audiences willing to connect with the message.While performing, Levi prefers more intimate venues but relishes opportunities to captivate susceptive larger audiences with his candid storytelling. The moments and messages in Levi’s songwriting are specific. They target individuals through empathy or shared experience. Levi’s communication goal is simple – “if I can make people feel what I’ve felt, then I’ve done my job.”


Joe McGuinness songs for “From These Seeds…” were written in this mysterious period of transformation, the album revealing a snapshot of the man and what he’s been through so far in life.   This first attempt brought quite a buzz, including winning the Atlanta Blues Challenge in 2008, and the CD was named Atlanta Blues Challenge’s Best Self-Produced CD as well as making it to the top 25 of the International Blues Challenge Best Self-Produced CD’s.  Since releasing this award winning, highly acclaimed album, Joe has been hitting the Atlanta scene hard, amazing audiences with his acoustic guitar work, powerful voice, quarky song styling, and mockery of the banjo.  Playing with many different musicians around Atlanta’s thriving music scene, and wowing crowds with his solo show.
“TEETH”A new album from Joe McGuinness
Coming very soon!!


Capt. Mudfish a.k.a. Capeeton Mudfish, started producing and djing in the Atlanta scene back in 96’… since then, he has produced most of the underground scene, dj’d with greats like Grand Master Flash, Dj Krush, Dj Lord, etc. and has helped mold the culture of hip-hop in a positive light… Mudfish, most recently, hosts a monthly, new music mix tape series called Breaking Bad, which has started its second successful year, hosted the Stamp Of Approval mixtape for upcoming rapper Joe Stu, and has been producing and recording his new project W.I.C.