Author Susan Isaacs, speaking before the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta, shared her latest book Goldberg Variations and her thoughts on writing.

Isaacs’ odyssey began when she worked with Seventeen magazine. She wrote an advice column and expanded her experience by writing political speeches for a mayoral candidate.  After, she started a family and decided to stay home and become a full time writer.

Her latest book, Goldberg Variations, is about intergenerational relationships. Issacs admited that her Hungarian grandmother had a deep influence in her life–she was a working woman who could cook; she divorced her abusive husband and was strong.

Issacs admitted that for this book she did not write a very detailed outline; she allowed the characters to show her the way.

She said she writes stories that she wants to read, serving as her work’s first reader.  Issacs always strives for her stories to “astonish me” as she mixes in the characters.  Being a writer also gives her a license to also behave badly.

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