Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat is hopefully optimistic about current state of the Jews as spoke about his book The Future of the Jews at the MJCCA on November 4.

He noted that today there are about thirteen and a half Jews out of a world population of seven billion, where roughly five million reside in the United States. For a small group, their contributions have been numerous in science, business, and politics.

Eizenstat pointed to five areas that should be a concern Jews in the United States.

As a diplomat, he notes the current shift of the role of the United States in the world. Since World War II, the US had been an emerging power and gain dominance on the world state.  Now the ascending powers of non industrial nations are about to eclipse this past lead.  Nations like China, Brazil, Turkey are a few. These emerging countries will have a higher GDP than the democratic industrial nations combined.

Second the impact of globalization. Whereas the digital technology information age is the biggest break through since the Gutenberg presses.  It has created a mutually dependant world that also has made us more vulnerable to terrorist. It also has made us more connected and created new ways to even the economic playing field.

Third, the direction of the Muslims around the world and their internal battles has created new conflicts.

Forth there are new-found anti-Semitism and the attack of the Jewish state of Israel.

His final point is a nontraditional threat of a global winter with the rise of Iran with access to nuclear weapons.

Eizenstat also spoke to the demographic challenges: the Jewish population is aging and there are not enough births to fill the gap.  He suggested being more open to mix faith marriages, investing in early Jewish education, and reaching out for new followers.

Eizenstat points that we are at a crossroads and that the shift of power in the world is influencing our geopolitical relationships.  The United States still has military dominance and a land of innovation and opportunity, but this is not a guarantee for the next generation.  His call is for action and is optimistic that there will be a better future for the Jews.

For more details buy Stuart E. Eizenstat’s book The Future of the Jews.

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