Nothing can get you in the Christmas mood better than being on Peachtree Street in Atlanta on a chilly night at the glorious and already festive feeling Fox Theatre! Add the beautiful sound of Martina McBride and there is no way you can’t be excited for Santa to come!  It was not only wonderful to hear her voice singing our favorite Christmas songs, but she had at least seven outfit changes to add to the excitement, each one as beautiful as the songs she was singing. She couldn’t have looked and sounded more beautiful as she started the evening off in a shiny silver dress singing Silver Bells.  Martina let us see a glimpse of what it was like at the McBride house Christmas morning with a home video of her daughters squealing as they open their presents.

Since it was a Christmas special, Martina didn’t sing many songs from her other albums, but did treat us to “Do It Anyway” where she received her first standing ovation of the night.  One special highlight of the night was when she actually came into the crowd to talk to her fans.  As she walked through the audience she stopped and asked questions and even took a few moments to take pictures with a couple guests of the show.  It was obvious there were a lot of people that had been to her Christmas specials before and knew how special it was.  Martina gave special acknowledgement to the Military showing us video of Georgia soldiers sending messages to their loved ones at home then she went straight into “I’ll be home for Christmas”.

Another highlight was her singing a “duet” with Elvis Presley, “Blue Christmas” – she sang live while the video of Elvis was playing on the big screen – The video included her being super imposed onto the stage with Elvis, with big hair and lots of mascara looking a lot like Priscilla.  The children in the audience (and the adults) enjoyed when Lance Houston from 94.9 The Bull came out and read The Grinch that Stole Christmas as Martina and her background singers sang a couple of the “Who-ville” songs. (Lance did a great job on the reading portion).  She showed off her incredible talent with an a cappella version of “Holy Night”.  A wow-goosebump filled moment for sure.  One part of the show that was so fun and entertaining to watch was the costume changes, she had each outfit perfectly paired with the songs that she sang, the Gold Pants and winter white jacket for “Winter Wonderland”, a gorgeous sparkling red jacket for her “rocking set” that included “All I want for Christmas is You”, and she looked angelic in her beautiful gold gown singing Holy night. I think we were all surprised when the snow started falling inside the Fox and Martina came out for an encore, in yet another costume change, to sing “Christmas”.

It was an awesome night and couldn’t have been more perfect to get everyone in the mood to celebrate this joyous time of year!  Thanks to Martina McBride for making her first stop of this holiday tour in Atlanta and thanks for choosing one of the most charming venues in town!!