How often do you hear about the “good ‘ole days?” It seems as you peek into the past with rose colored glasses you notice a better day. But was it really that much better?

In The Divine Sister, the blessed Mother Superior (Topher Payne) is committed to end the mischief of the 1960s and hang on to a simpler conservative time.

Seems like a plan until Mother Superior is side tracked as she deals with a vision seeing young postulant Agnes (Ashleigh Hoppe) with a feisty German Sister Walburga (Charles Green) and tough minded Sister Acacius (Frankie L. Earle) mixed in.

The theme clearly is “leave no stereotype behind” as these nuns work on saving their parish, keeping the faith while they singing merrily as they celebrate working for the almighty.

The Divine Sister is witty, ironic, and funny. Watch out though, this tale can make you head spin as the complex web of stories from the past and the present create havoc.

Besides it gives you a chance to the experience the talented Topher Payne in full form in portraying Mother Superior, a serious yet fun, and lovable character.

Part of the 10 year celebration of the Process Theatre and written by Charles Busch and directed by Dewayne Morgan, The Divine Sister runs through November 17 at OnStage Atlanta in the Suburban Plaza.

Note that they are soon to move to a new location only four miles away, stay tuned for details.

For Tickets and show times visit: or call (404)245-4205.

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