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The South’s Next Wave: Design Challenge at Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)



During my sneak peek view of The South’s Next Wave: Design Challenge at Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), it  felt like the day before a big school project was due partly because of the hurried pace; everyone was working to get everything in place before that evening’s kick off.

The featured gala opening promised to be where the action was, full of performance artists and a chichi crowd gawking at the featured designs.

The mid-morning tour by curators David Goodrowe and Tim Hobby was quick and to the point.  Their own display set the tone of the show, collaborating with their own efforts in “Shattered Boundaries,” a vignette of an ivory couture gown designed by Tim Hobby.

As for the genesis of this show, Hobby noted that there was a call for designers of interior spaces and  object designers that were then paired up to create an exhibition to compete for a grand prize of $6,000.  Every MODA visitors will be asked to vote on their favorite vignette and the highest total will win.

The participants were chosen by a jury and Atlanta based artists were favored because of the three week set up commitment. What you have are sixteen displays.

Once you walk down the entrance hallway, the interior wall is covered with slick collage photo montage of the designers literally swinging from the rafters in all type of weird contorted faces and positions next to short bios and info.

C. David Trivino, Esq. with Michael Habachy in the background

There are sixteen subdivided cubical style divisions that serve as host to the sixteen works. You can walk through the exhibit with a guide; each work has a corresponding number from 0-16.

They all have a unique perspective, but let me note a few that caught my attention:

Number 6– Darkly, Deeply, Beautiful Blue: Interior by cg creative interiors: Caryn Grossman & Chris Buxbaum with cake by Lisa Humphreys. Sets a new mode for “let them eat cake” as the silver rose petal lined floor transforms an all blue room with a larger portrait print of a wicked subject that has a safety pen through the nose.  It screams excitement and the cute stiletto cake is whimsical.

Number 16– Sound Lounge: Interior by Michael Habachy and Guitars by Peter Solomon makes for the perfect “purple” rain room. With sounds thumping, the guitar tones that were made by the guitar on display have a full purple transformation. From the purple hue carpet to the comfy couch, it screams royalty. It is part club meets “man cave”. I could not resist and remarked to designer Habachy that it needed a “stripper pole” as the ultimate toy.

Number 15– Liquid Runway: Interior by Jarno Kettunen and Glass Dresses & artwork by Kathleen Plate is the ultimate “green” venture. Note: I mean “green” not being the color but environmentally friendly kind. Plate takes glass bottles of sake and coke then slices them into cylinder rings where she fires them and makes some clear rings. She then configures them into a shell and then a series of women’s dresses.  Plate does note that you can’t sit down with these crystal creations, but they make for a remarkable effect. She also has a light fixture chandelier made from similar rings in the exhibit entrance.

Kettunen then was going to paint the background with Coca-Cola laden paint while the opening gala was in progress.

Energy Required Exhibit Number 9

Number 9– Energy Required: Interior by Thom Brown and chair & boat by Michael Kress takes on a spaghetti mess of orange electric cord extension. What you get is a ripple wave effect, of which on top is a boat prototype model of a luxury liner alongside a floating chair. Curator Tim Hobby noted he loved that chair and most of these design objects are for sale.

Number 5– Wicked Games, Tahiti, Return of the Black Prince’s Ruby (the diamond jubilee edition): Interior by Nancy Van Devender and furniture by Amy Wikman.  In this idealized game room is a game that moves seamlessly on the wall in a frantic pace.

Number 2– Heart of Darkness: Interior by Bill Musso Group– Bill Musso, Lauren Sardo, Lauren Noel Dott, Todd Falconbury, Wigs by Quron Hicks, Handbags by Tamara Bowens & Ray Bergeron.  The blood red bleeds throughout the pieces as a sudden mirror has exploded, with smoke exuding from the corner. Mixed in are modern chic wooden hand bags about.  This room is full of energy, curiosity, and an Alice in Wonderland adventure feel of another dimension. The wigs create a vision of style and wonder.

This MODA show is a different experience after the post modern show at the High Museum of Art across the street. However, MODA seems to struggle in its exhibits as it balances interesting exhibits versus those installations that will last the test of time and push the imagination.

Consistently, MODA has always done things their own way and this show is another spin of the wheel in an effort to establish their identity in the heart of Midtown.

The South’s Next Wave Design Challenge runs through March 31, 2013, for details and information:


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Rain and Fire in Sedona



Ange Alex

A rainy day in Sedona? What are we going to do. Everything we have planned is outdoors. I am pretty sure that is why people come to Sedona, for the beautiful OUTDOOR activities, like hiking, biking, Jeep tours, viewing the red rocks and photography. 

What to do, what to do.

Oh, I know. I had the privilege of meeting some great artists that work in fire and glass! The perfect indoor activity when your outdoor plans are washed away!

The Melting Point in Sedona, conveniently located across the street for the Whole Foods (two birds with one stone, yeah!), is a group of artist focusing on creating and teaching others how to create as well.

When we entered the facilities, it was like entering a fine arts gallery. So many beautiful works of glass art. Jordan Ford is the general manager and one of the Artists. He came out of the workshop and told us the rules, then brought us into the fold. 

We were about to become glass blowers! 

Jordan had a love for the natural world from a very early age. He went on to study geology in college but that is when he discovered glass. He currently has Bachelor’s Degrees in both Earth Science/Geology and Visual Arts/Glassblowing.

Jordan says , “It’s the process of blowing glass that drives me. I find the physical act of making glass so overwhelmingly fascinating. I approach most of my work with a consideration for the more classical techniques – it’s the framework that I use as a jumping point for experimentation.”

Not only is Jordan incredibly talented, he is really personable and extremely funny. He made everyone in the room feel at ease and we all often irrupted in bouts of laughter.

Another artist that was helping us is Austin Littenberg. Austin became interested in the art of glass blowing at age 16 after watching a documentary. He spent over 12 years developing his craft and learning the technical precision needed to work at this level.

Austin views the many ways Art presents itself and is in tune with it all, and it shows.

Clearly these two artist love what they do, and I for one am grateful for their expertise and their willingness to show the world their art.

They worked with us to create a beautiful cactus, complete with three flowers, one for each kid, and a Sedona rock like base. We loved the patience they showed and the skill to make us feel at ease. We never felt like  we were about to do something we just couldn’t. It felt like we had been doing this before. That is the measure of a true instructor. 

Our work of art was complete and we left there feeling accomplished and quite honestly, amazing! 

Both Austin and Jordan have remarkable skills but also wonderful comedic timing. They were a absolutely pleasure to meet and I look forward to keeping up with their art in the future.

If you find yourself in Sedona and want to meet some really wonderful people, stop by The Melting Point and say hello! While you’re there, blow some glass!

How could I forget one of them most important things; They have a studio dog! Austin brings his sweet baby girl to work with him and she is an angel! We loved her! Make sure you give her some love when you visit!

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Join Us at the 9th Annual Atlanta Arts Festival This Weekend!



Join the 9thAnnual Atlanta Arts Festival this weekend, October 24-25, and treat yourself to the perfect weekend in Piedmont Park.
Artist demonstrations and classes, festival cuisine, live music and more converge upon Piedmont Park bringing together Atlanta’s enormous art
loving community, creating one of the best art weekends in the country.
After exploring the artist tents, guests can head over to the Art of Cooking Stage where Atlanta’s culinary elite will bring a whole new meaning to “festival food.” Once the appetite is satisfied, sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of talented local musicians on the Festival’s live music stage!
Art of Cooking Demo Schedule
Saturday Oct. 24
11:30 am
Parker’s On Ponce: Executive Chef Andre Brookins
12:45 pm
521 Kitchen & Que: Chef Drew Kirkland
2:00 pm
Spice To Table: Sous Chef Robyn Tedder
3:15 pm
Barefoot Wine: Brand Ambassador, Randy Arnold
4:30 pm
Sugar Moon Bake Shop: Owner Amy Christine
Sunday Oct. 25
Murphy’s: Chef Ricky Navas
Char Korean Bar & Grill : Chef De Cuisine David Song
Nature’s Garden Express Cold Pressed Juices: Owner Michael Kirk & Production Manager
Tyler Pearson
Barefoot Wine: Brand Ambassador, Randy Arnold
Tito’s Vodka: Georgia Representative, Theo Hall
Great local music to appeal to everyone as well! Check out the site HERE to see the full lineup!
Join us this weekend and support the local Arts here in Atlanta!
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Rock & Roll Fine Art Show at Artegon Marketplace



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Ron Campbell, Beatles Yellow Submarine Animator & Beatles TV Cartoon Director to Appear Live at the Show Creating Original BEATLES CARTOON PAINTINGS

The “1059 SUNNY FM Rock Art Show & Sale” Features Artwork Created By Rock Stars, Famous Rock Photographs, Album Artwork, Gold Records, Concert Posters, Animation Art & More…Plus a Special Rolling Stones Exhibit in honor of their upcoming concert. All Works Are Available To Purchase

1059 SUNNY FM is welcoming a one of a kind rare Rock & Roll fine art show to the Artegon Marketplace in Orlando, Friday, June 5th – Sunday, June 7th , 2015. The “1059 SUNNY FM Rock Art Show & Sale” is a unique collection of original art, lithographs, photographs, concert posters, gold records, album art and more from the greatest rock artists of all time, plus a live appearance from Beatles animator Ron Campbell. Campbell will be exhibiting his original Beatles cartoon art as well as painting new works at the show. The show is free and open to the public on Friday, June 5 th through Saturday, June 6th from 10am – 9pm and Sunday, June 7th from 11am – 6pm. All works are available to purchase.

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