Take a trip to Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1958, a simpler time when Elvis ruled the airways, mad men were still mad, and Daisy Fay (Veronika Duerr) came in to her own.

Daisy Fay is going through a certain tizzy about men–she simply can’t stand them. Her form of therapy is to share her thoughts out loud to an “imaginary audience,” which seems to clear up her state of mind. This exercise helps her unload her dirty laundry and find inner peace.

“The Summer of Daisy Fay” starring the Suzi Award winning actress Veronika Duerr. — at Historic Marietta Square.

You learn that Fay comes from a broken home and has had a roller coaster of a life. She wants to break the rut and is on a quest to discover her inner beauty.  Encouraged, she sets out to enter the beauty pageant world in the Miss Mississippi Pageant where her path is a bumpy road of self discovery.

Veronika Duerr brings her own comedic timing and sensitivity to this role that will make you laugh, cry, and celebrate the youthful optimism of the lovable Daisy Fay.

The Marietta Theatre has taken over the former Marietta Theatre in the Square and this inaugural play sets the course for another addition to the Atlanta theatre scene.

The Summer of Daisy Fay runs through November 25 and next up will be a Marietta classic A Tuna Christmas from December 4-23.

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