Thursday Nov 29th
MUSIC starts at 10
$5 Cover

Chances are you have heard this band. They have been on the radio all across the nation, they have been on big stages with even bigger bands, and if you haven’t seen the live show, you haven’t experienced what rock and roll should (and they believe will) be all about.

While many other bands have dumbed-down their lyrics, created music that only accomplishes a topical connection with fans, and, as a whole, falls short of moving the listener, UNCROWNED continues to push boundaries.

They take chances both musically and lyrically with a result that creates a deep visceral connection with fans that is undeniable. UNCROWNED opens their souls to share the love and hate that they feel, to temp listeners to feel some of their pain and joy, and to re-experience the moments that they live and die for.

Stephen Bazzell –
Lead Vocals
Jack Andrad –
Stuart Clark –
Scott Sellers –

Challenging yet accessible, deep but inviting, smart but heart felt….are you ready?

Soho Bar and Grill
5751 Milgen Rd,Columbus
(706) 568-3316