New Company Upcycles and Helps Hurricane Sandy Victims!!

An old idea is made new again with the launch of T-Bags and Blankets!
Let’s face it, we all have old concert t’s we don’t wear… or old baby shirts we have saved from when are kids were little.

This economy has hurt a lot of people financially, but it hasn’t hurt our spirits! We will rise above this and prove that the USA is resourceful and together we will make a difference.

-Beth Aragon / Founder of T-Bags and Blankets.

T-Bags and Blankets employs seasoned seamstresses that have years of experience and are now in need of help in their lives. Their husbands were let go from work, they lost their retirement money investments, and their families need their help to keep the heat on this winter.

Your support not only frees up some of the space in your house that your t-shirts were taking, it also allows someone to earn a living and make a difference in their family. It also allows T-Bags and Blankets to give to charities, including Wounded Warrior Project, Autism Speaks, Juvenile Batten Disease, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Locks of Love, The Pink Fund, Young Survival Coalition, and more! All of these charities are proudly supported by T-Bags and Blankets and you can find specials throughout the year with donations from 20% – 40% of profits to each said charity

Right now, through November 30th, T-Bags and Blankets is donating 30% of all profits to Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief. ORDER HERE!
Also, they guarantee delivery in time for the Holidays if ordered by November 20th 2012.