One cold night when the holidays were here
I walked with my family to feel some Christmas cheer
We walked to the historic Wang Theater in our winter gear
My mom said, The Grinch is mean, but do not fear

With a deep breath we walked in to the show
I held the hands of both my little bro’s
Holiday lights and children smiling
I had to laugh with all the rhyming

A cast of great stars whose songs amazed
I felt so happy, like I was in a daze
The costumes were original and neat
Oh but that Cindy Lou, what a treat!

She sang high, she sang low
she sang from her heart don’t you know
She stole the show, I am sorry to say
The Grinch was no match for her in this play

The Who’s sang so great it was nice to hear
the songs about having Christmas cheer
Its not what is in the gift that its about
Its the thought of it all that counts

The Grinch was so funny but kind of mean
his heart was two sizes to small, you see
Or maybe his shoes were too tight…
either way, he gave them a fright

But as he learned, Christmas can not be stopped
It can’t be sold and it can’t be bought
It lives in our hearts,  from big to small
Christmas is about peace and goodwill to all

Make a memory with your family tonight
Go see the Grinch and and the holiday sights
Sing along with the cast and the crowds alike
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!