Wow! Wolves is raw, passionate, and has a naughty twist. It transports you to the urban forest…watch out!

Continuing the twenty fifth year celebration at Actor’s Express, Wolves is part of the theatre’s alliance with the National New Play Network’s Rolling World Premiere program. Whereas other theatres are getting set with holiday theme shows, Actor’s Express takes the viewer on a delightful adventure that delivers thrills and laughs.

As the narrator (Kate Donadio) begins the story with traditional “once upon a time”, the viewer is whisked into the humdrum apartment of Jack (Brian Crawford) and Ben (Clifton Guterman). In the big city, they get caught up in the everyday ritual of deciding what to do.  Jack wants to go out, but Ben wants to play it safe, stay in and order Chinese food.

Clifton Guterman as Ben in WOLVES. Photo by BreeAnne Clowdus.

Like the innocent Little Red Riding Hood, Jack decides to go out into the urban forest seeking adventure, where he crosses path with a Big Bad Wolf (Joe Sykes). As the figurative wolf, Joe Sykes embodies a man full of mystery, lust, and domination.

The manner in which Kate Donadio’s sultry narrator helps the story unfold is irresistible, as is Clifton Guterman’s personification of the fine line between rage and passion in his performance as Ben.

This play deserves a repeat viewing. It is a must see for a unique experience, as this tale takes you on an unexpected odyssey.

Wolves displays the raw emotions of life’s unexpected outcomes stemming from temptation and rage. Forget the vampires this season, hang out with the Wolves!

Wolves is directed by Melissa Foulger and by Steve Yockey. A fantastically wicked play.

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