If you want to experience something different, check out Dad’s Garage. Their shows are fun and full of unexpected twist and turns and go to merry ‘ole England in the 1860’s.

In an old holiday tradition of Christmas Carol, kick it up a notch with Christmas Carol Invasion. Before the show starts, you get to vote on who you want to invade. The night I went you could chose between the bear and the man-child.  In years past, I have seen Paula Dean and hopefully they will have an invasion with Honey Boo-Boo.

Ebenezer Scrooge (René Dellefont), our favorite curmudgeon, mixes it up as he arrives to work on the day before Christmas to find his worker Bob Crachitt (Clint Sowell) in the holiday season basking in the fifty coals he added to the small heater.

As in other versions, the Scrooge goes through three visions of the past, present, and future but this time is invaded by a bear. Not an everyday bear, but one that is a kinder and gentler one.

The story stays true, but these improvisers add the right one liner or observation that provide a fun twist in a modern tale. In my show, they brought an unsuspecting audience member and had her lead in a dance and she brought lead the stage to a mixing it up with the “Dougie”.

Directed by Eve Krueger Christmas Carol: Invasion runs through December 23 on Dad’s Garage.  For tickets and show times visit: www.DadsGarage.com or visit (404)523-3141

Don’t be humbug!  Come sail away with the kids at Dad’s Garage!

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