Lucky Dog Studios, a brand new, state-of-the-art, professional recording and rehearsal facility in Alpharetta, GA, is thrilled to announce the release of a new compilation album, “A Very Lucky Christmas.” The album, the first full length production from Lucky Dog, contains 15 renditions of contemporary, classical, and sacred holiday songs performed by students and teachers from Peggy Still School of Music (PSSM) and is now on sale for only $5 at the school’s Alpharetta lesson studio location at 11775 Northfall Lane, #203 and online at

PSSM will donate a portion of the proceeds from album sales to a local five star charity, North Fulton Community Charities.

There is something for absolutely everyone on this album. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lucky Dog lead engineering Joe Kay, the album features some (though certainly not all!) of PSSM’s best students/artists and instructors/producers.

“Even though all of the participating artists are talented musicians, learning how to prepare for a recording session is much different than just preparing for a recital or festival performance. This opportunity allowed the students to learn how vital it is to come into the studio well prepared and rehearsed, on time for their recording session, already warmed up, with all of their lyrics prepped and ready to go, in order to utilize all of their session time efficiently. They also learned how to collaborate with the engineer and their producers…a hugely important skill for creating and recording great music,” said Sally Rose Bates, PSSM vocal instructor and producer. “Additionally, I really appreciated that PSSM also focused on educating the students and parents about all of the administrative and potential commercial aspects of coordinating a project of this magnitude, such as contracts, fees, scheduling, and deadlines.” 

 Ten year old PSSM vocal student, Elyse Bell, agrees with Mrs. Bates. She said that she “really enjoyed the live recording process,” and that her favorite part was “working with a live piano accompanist while singing lead on “Mary Did You Know?”” Elyse also said that she enjoyed singing back-up vocals for “Don’t Save It All for Christmas Day” as part of  a chorus of artists made up of fellow PSSM students who performed on the album. Bell, who has appeared live in many local community festivals and talent contests in the metro Atlanta area, learned that singing with a live pianist, “can be more difficult than singing with a pre-recorded track, but really cool when it comes together.” She had to “learn how to be patient with the process, and to trust her instincts,” her mother, Amy Bell, stated, and added that, “the end result was worth Elyse’s time and effort.”

 Recording “A Very Lucky Christmas” was a fantastic experience for the staff at PSSM, as well. Brian Johnson, President and Owner of PSSM and Lucky Dog Studios said, “We are blessed to have an abundance of talented students and teachers at PSSM who can take advantage of the unique artistic space at Lucky Dog Studios, as well as the tremendous support from our families and friends. Being able to complete this kind of a project in our very own facility is really a dream come true for me and everyone involved. I am proud of the total team effort, and look forward to working on future projects with more great, emerging and established artists, from both the PSSM and throughout our community.”

 Opened in September 2012, Lucky Dog Studios has also already worked with a number of metro Atlanta artists from both inside and outside the PSSM student body in a variety of musical genres, including classical, rock, pop and hip hop, and is available to any artist looking for an intimate, professional, local studio for rehearsing, creating, producing, recording, mixing, and mastering professional quality music, and other recordings. Please call 770-753-0322, email [email protected] or visit for booking information and studio rates. Discounted rates are available for PSSM students and for longer projects.