Every Wednesday night you will find Dixie Duncan jammin’ with friends at Wild Bill’s in Duluth.
This week’s playlist featured songs from his newest release, “Lost in the Shadow of a Dream,” or “LSD.” With a touch of ambient and world music, the song “Bithkit,”  is escapism at its best. Trust me, you’ll want his new CD, as it makes the perfect gift for a music lover this holiday season.

This week, joining Dixie, was the talented Shane “Dossman” Doss. Kristoff Meyer was scheduled to sing while Dossman hit the strings, but due to the flu, he couldn’t. Being a true professional, not wanting to let his fans down, Shane rocked the mic.

I had the opportunity to visit with Shane backstage before his performance.  He was surrounded by a circle of his dear friends. David Saunders was there to offer technical support. Todd Magee, soundman extraordinaire, ensured all was pitch-perfect. David Greer helped with tuning the guitars, and was the perfect practice partner. The lovely Hope Senn was there to style Shane to the nines.

As his performance began, I thought,”Wow.” Not only was their passion in his guitar playing, but heartfelt emotion in Shane’s vocal debut.  From “Save Me on Sunday,” to “Alone Again,” the fans could really feel what Shane was singing. “Best of You,” was my personal favorite, as his vocals gently kissed your ears with very sweet sounds. It was a very special treat for all. Wednesday’s performance was Shane’s last in Atlanta for the time being. After the holidays, he is moving back home to Florida. I won’t ruin the special announcement, but his new management company, Suncoast Music Productions, has BIG things in store for him. Look for announcements after the new year.

Until then, keep rockin’!


Photography by Bonnie M. Morét