Dress for the Apocalypse as Azreal, Haley and Alexis, and Virginia Runnin’ take stage for the last time at 120 Tavern???… for the End of the World party!!

Festivities start at 5 with MUSIC from Luna and Sol in the Bar~
Drink specials til the  END!!!
Cover $5
>>Bring two canned food or dry good Items and get in for free<<



We are a local Southern Rock band that has been playing together for about 6 years, we Started out just out of high school talking about wanting to travel around the country and play music, Tyler Phelps (Guitar) started out being the guitarist. Billy Claypool (Drums) was originally going to be Rhythm guitar, then moved to bass then eventually we decided it would be easier to find a bassist then a drummer so that’s how he started playing drums. Reiner Slay (Vocals) We always knew he was singing, and Cody McNeil (Bass) came in later on down the line when we were looking for a bassist. He originally played guitar and he was at the house one day and said “I’ll do it” so we said sure, and we all practiced with him using a guitar amp for a bass and Reiner and Billy were routed through the Drum speaker we had for our Electric set, and here we are now still acting crazy and having fun!

Haley & Alexis

“Go Big or Go Home!!!”…the motto of The Haley & Alexis Band. These dedicated and versatile performing artists demonstrate this motto at every performance. Their command of the stage, unique vocals, audience rapport and excellent musicianship always leaves the audience wanting more. Their multi-faceted sound fluently combines musical styles ranging from their first love of new modern country and traditional country of yester’ year to even a little blue grass, pop, rock, and a hint of jazz. Using their personal stories, thoughts and insights, Haley and Alexis are honing their skills as musicians and love to perform their music live.

Virginia Runnin’ 
ventures into their country music dream, consisting of experienced and passionate musicians with hand-fulls of well-crafted songs and heads full of many more. Influenced by a list of artists including classics such as Lady Antebellum, Thompson Square, Little Big Town, Jason Aldean, and Keith Urban, Virginia Runnin’ is a duo that blends rhythmic and electric guitar, heart-felt lyrics, and the occasional cry of a harmonica to emerge with songs nothing short of poetic. Hailing from North Georgia, this group of well traveled, singer-songwriter-musicians, knew early on in their lives what they were put on this earth to do – to make music.

Luna & Sol are an acoustic folk rock duo from Canton Georgia. The singer/songwriter sisters have been performing together since they were 12 and 13 years old. With an
unusual blend of harmonizing vocals that compliment slow ballads and indie rock tunes, they’re musical style is both unique and memorable.



Luna and Sol competed in an Acoustic Battle for the Honor of starting The End off !!