Madeline’s Christmas is celebrating its fifth year at the Horizon Theatre. This cheerful tale is a great story for kids of all ages.

A boarding school in Paris houses a group of rambunctious young girls whose wide eye optimism and enthusiasm is contagious. The smallest and most caring charge, Madeline (Ella Anderson), is sure to win over your heart.

These girls, lead by Miss Clavel (Lauren Roxenzweig), are sweet and loveable as they visit the zoo, study for their lessons and get ready for the holidays.

A bit of excitement is generated one cold night when Harsha (Mathew Bass), a magician with an enchanted carpet, appears at the school and brings with him the secret word of flight, “abracadabra”.

Directed by Spring Mason, Madeline’s Christmas  runs through December 30 and is sure to rekindle the holiday spirit.  See the show, and as artistic director Lisa Adler notes in the program, “Happy Holidays and Bonne Année from all of us at Horizon!”

For tickets and details visit: or call (404)584-7450.


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