According to the Mayans there aren’t too many days left on the calendar. It’s safe to assume that the end of the world is near, right?

Sailing To Denver will be releasing their new album on what may be the last day of the world.  A great night of music with the AMAZING Sans Abri and The DustUp Reunion!!


Cover $8
Doors at 9pm
437 Moreland Ave


Sans Abri – 9:15

Not necessarily adhered to strict expectations associated with bluegrass, but still connected to Americana roots and infused with a bit of alternative rock. This is what forms a shelter for Sans Abri. Josh Erwin and Michael Paynter are able to give their sound and songs a home by creatively involving acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, live and looped percussion, as well as vocal arrangements.
The literal translation of “Sans Abri” is “without shelter”. The French use it as a term for “homeless”. Josh and Michael have given a home to these songs and are providing shelter for many more creations to come.

Sailing To Denver – 10:15

Sailing to Denver is a band, comprised of veteran musicians from the deep South who simply want to sing their favorite songs together. To help distract us all from the bad news on T.V., they appear regularly around the Atlanta area harmonizing timeless choruses, and playing rhythmic strings that echo through the concrete maze, brightening, and bringing joy unto the road-raged. From songs easilyrecognized, and universally adored, to the obscure classics that everyone feels they somehow already know, this eclectic group’s catalog contains about every known genre, but always with a hint of country and the south. HELP KEEP THEM HERE! By enjoying their music together, maybe we can all do our part to stop them from Sailing To Denver.

The DustUp – 11:15
(Reunion Show)

The DustUp is part of a shift in the local music scene with a non-commercial approach to song writing and an emphasis on live performance. The band digs gently around its roots to nurture its southern fried, blues basted brew of rock, funk, bluegrass and soul. Those looking for the typical whiny Atlanta Emo band with a my-daddy-didn’t-love-me complex need not apply, as they will be blasted out of their comfort zones by The DustUp’s original compositions that attack dynamic, face-melting rock head on. All members of the band take the role of lead singer to an already soulful blend of original music, and the band’s intricate harmonies are one of the elements that add to their music’s depth. Each member lends his heart and soul to the songwriting that is influenced by substance and perspective. The final draft boasts songs where not one note is played without feeling.