Trouble & Triumph by Tip “T.I.” Harris with David Ritz is the second entry in a trilogy covering the story of Power and Beauty.

In the last book, Power was whisked away by some goons that was sure to lead to a quick and messy death. Instead, Power is transported back into the world he has left, the turbulent world of Cascade Heights, a suburb of Atlanta.

Unlike the first in the series, Power & Beauty, the second book has a better plot and mix of action. Within the first few pages of the previous book, everything and anything happens to the Power and Beauty. This creates for a tamed rest of the book.

In this second book, Power and Beauty cross paths, but Beauty is determined to remain independent and sets her own course.  This pseudo-sibling relationship crosses into the taboo territory of love and lust, but there is no doubt that the bonds of family are stronger than their will to be free of each other.

This book takes you on a journey from the Far East to the big cities across the United States. From Atlanta, a few familiar faces pass through such as Ted Turner and local hot spots like Bones make an appearance as settings.

The book really is a rocking roller coaster that grabs you from the start and does not let go until the final chapter. The story showcases another venue for T.I.’s creative energies to flourish.

If you’re new to the series with this entry, do note that the first few chapters of the first book are in the appendix addition and will quickly bring you up to date.

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Book Facts:

Trouble & Triumph: A Novel of Power & Beauty

By Tip “T.I.” Harris with David Ritz

2012 Harper Collins Books  316 pp

ISBN: 978-0-06-206768-5


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