All of us have secrets and some are locked away tighter than others.  But how would you react if a really dark secret from the past resurfaced which made you confront decisions that you had made decades earlier?

Television producer Marian Calwell was on top of her game, heading up a hit television show, living in New York City, and enjoying the love of her male companion and lover Peter.  She is a woman in control but still with this tough armor she has gaps of vulnerability.

In comes Kirby Rose, a head strong rambunctious 18 year old who is ready to take on the world. As a high school senior she is ready to make her own mark but a part of her feels empty.

This sets the scene to a collision course full of brute honesty, slight guilt, and an exhaustive study into “what if”.

This book is a slight departure from Giffin’s previous works in that the story is told from both the perspective of Marian and Kirby in a round robin tale of the quest for identity and opting to take a chance to know the truth or play it safe and simply let the past be the past.

I enjoyed the unpredictability of the story as it slowly unfolded and made me realize the old maxim that a secret can only be kept betweens two people when one of them is dead.

Where We Belong by Emily Giffin masterfully captures what could be an explosive situation and makes it a loving one that reminds us that in the end everything always works out.  It also showcases the way in which Giffin masterfully shares how relationships shape our lives and identity. A good read for all.

Book Facts:

Where We Belong by Emily Giffin

2012 St. Martins Press 372 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-312-55419-4


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