How many of us have been walking down the street and see a piece of paper floating along? I hate litter bugs and tend to pick up the trash. Now and then I will glance on the paper and see what has been written on it.

Davy and Peter Rothbart have taken this to a calling. They publish these scraps in their magazine  From love notes, to do list, or dear John letters, these brothers do not discriminate.

As part of their 10 year celebration the Rothbart brothers made a stop in Atlanta on December 11, 2012 at Dad’s Garage.

Part variety show, part confessional and book reading, it made for a fun night full of adventure. Davy Rothbart read from his book, My Heart is An Idiot, a compilation of tales from his travels. The stories are part Jack Keroac and Hunter Thompson. They are of many of his failed conquests, but full of successful friend finding conquest.  No not the ones on Facebook but the ones as real person to person friends.

This tour has taken them all across the country where ever their vagabond lifestyle takes them.

Peter Rothbart played his wide array of music, filled with lyrics that stirred the soul.

Life is really an endless adventure and the Rothbart brothers never fail to create a one where they may go.

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