“If nasty is what you want, look no further than Atlanta’s Six Shot Revival!
They ain’t your Daddy’s Southern Rock”

I recently caught SSR doing their thang at 120 Tavern and Music Hall. These guys do it DIRTY & HARD Southern style! Frontman Marc Phillips works hard for his dollars; dude rocks it all over the place! Would think by the second song he would be worn out ,but NO! Down to the last song, his passion never fades! This band has built a strong fan base touring the southeast and are getting ready to release some new tunes in a CD titled Bible Belt Booze Hounds. Some of their music will be in the soundtrack for a movie with Tracii Guns to be released later this year.


Eager to learn more, I had a few questions….

Marc PhillipsMarc Phillips: vocals

Who are your Idols?
As a band, we are all majorly influenced by Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith–The Rolling Stones is a new influence on us, those are the ones that stick the most. There are some odder ones you might not hear in there as well like Blind Melon, Junior Brown, Rory Gallagher, and honestly it’s because those bands knew how to take a song and rip you to pieces with it, the one thing we feel is missing from music today.

Highlight of SSR to date?
I guess the highlight for me so far would be right now; things are really going on all cylinders. There is validation in it for us now, which I feel is important for any artist. But an actual event would be opening for Buckcherry and Hell Yeah at the Tabernacle, I mean it was a major dream come true for me, I have literally had dreams of playing the place, so pretty exciting!

Tell us about Bible Belt Booze Hounds what will we hear on it?
Bible Belt Booze Hounds
is honestly how Six Shot should have sounded from the get. It just takes time to get that groove. Much more bluesy still fast and in your face the way people believe were supposed to sound and how honestly it always comes out. We have one called Blues Aint Blues that we’re really into, in the vein of Gettin By off the last record. There is also a few that kick you in the teeth and I think Stone Cold Fox might be the biggest groove we’ve had yet!

Describe Jon.
Jon Brown is the sheriff. Quiet, good dude, and one of the best original thinkers when it comes to music that I’ve ever met. Always has a new song and that’s how were Jon Brownpushing having written 30 songs in 3 years. If there’s one dude out there that breathes there instrument its him, he can build from scratch, fix anything to do with em, he teaches, plays it–HE IS THE LES PAUL!

Jon Brown: Guitar

What is your training?
Aside from playing saxophone in elementary school, all self taught.

Share the stage with anyone dead or alive?
Led Zeppelin with Unknown Hinson opening, one of the most underrated guitar players ever  with the masters of the universe.

Tell us about the new music soon to be released?

It’s the sound of a band coming into its own. Its rock-n-roll southern style with some blues and boogie on the side.

Describe Marc.
Marc is the epitome of lead singer. His passion for music and performing it is unparalleled. He’s the guy I had posters of when I was a kid!

Steve Morrison: Bass

What is your background ?
Steve Morrison
My background is in the audio world. I hadn’t been out preforming with anyone in a few years because I was living in recording studios working all the time. I have been lucky to work with some great artists. The only playing I was doing for a few years there was some random guitar or keyboard parts in studio for bands I was producing. I guess I lucked out when this new band Six Shot Revival came in to record an EP and somehow needed someone to finish off the bass parts. I ended up doing that and filling in on some gigs with them. I had so much fun I decided to stick around and three years later…I’m still here.

Share the stage with anyone dead or alive ?
There are a ton of artists I would love to share the stage with, but if I had to pick one it would probably have to be Hendrix. In addition to playing Noel Redding’s parts, it would be amazing to see Hendrix perform from just a few feet away.

Tell us about the new music soon to be released?

I am more than pumped about our new EP Bible Belt Booze Hounds. On this record, you hear a leaner meaner Six Shot. It came together great. The songs are stronger because we got to work them out on the road in front of an audience. Also we slimmed down the production and recording process. Thanks to the talented Tom Tapley. The record isn’t garage sounding, it’s just not full of useless overdubs and production tricks. I’m sure the fans will dig it.

Describe Ben.
What to say about Ben? Ben is a trip man. He is fun to travel with cause you never know what will fly out of his mouth or what crazy things he will do next. He keeps things interesting. He is a great dude and a great drummer. We have only had him drumming for a year now, and you will hear him on the new record, but he brings an excitement and a thunder to the rhythm section that we had been missing for a while. He has a way of thinking outside the box and trying different feels that will just make a song pop. Plus he just beats the shit out of his drums! He is by far the best drummer I’ve gotten to play bass against.

Ben Thomas: Drums

What is your background?Ben Thomas
I’ve been playing drums since about age 10, with a few lessons starting out. But self-taught til about 3 years ago. That’s when I started mentoring with world renown drummer, Ernest EC3 Coleman. Honing in on my Jazz/Latin chops. Bands I’ve played in a band called Grayson Manor to kick start my drumming career. Soon to make some side cash and build my credits, I started doing a lot of session work. Also some rock tributes for fun. Joining Six Shot Revival about a year ago, I’ve come back to my “dirty groovin'” style of drumming with lots of frantic fills, and backbeat grooves.

Share the stage with anyone dead or alive?
I think I would have to share the stage with Joe Perry. This being said, he is one of the realest, rawest, most unbelievable musician I’ve ever seen. Especially with the earlier Aerosmith albums. Yeah, Joe Perry for sure!

Tell me about the new music coming out?

The new tunes that are soon to be released are very fun to listen to! I feel like they capture an outlawing sound from everyone. This was recorded at point in all of our lives when I think we were fed up with music out today. It’s just soo stale and lifeless! So this was our answer to that. Check it out for yourselves!

Describe Steve.
Steve…well if a koala bear and a Jim Morrison did it…You have Steve. One of the most down to earth, dependable, tell it like it is kind of persons. He is a great musician! Very inspiring to me. I’ll start a groove and he’ll just take me in this journey of magical bass lines. If I had to have a partner for egg toss, I would pick Steve!

“This is a MUST See LIVE Band”

Upcoming shows:
Jan 10th Basement ATL
Jan 18th Ground Zero Spartanburg SC
Jan 19th Motorheads McDonugh
Jan 25th Alamo Newnan


Mike Froedge owner of Open Sky Studio and drummer for The Dreaded Marco
had this to say about SSR :Mike Froedge
“A shitkickin’, raunchy, beer-soaked, sweat-slingin’, workin’-man’s rock band!…
And they’re some damn nice southern dudes while they’re at it.”


Photos by Linzi Harris Morrison
{Wife of Steve}