We are all born cold, wet, and hungry and then life gets worse. But this is not true in the case of “Bob” (Dan Triandiflou).

Bob entered this world in a cold bathroom at a White Castle diner, only to be left behind by his scatter brain mother.  There, he is taken in by a caring waitress (Veronika Duerr) and given a second chance. Life is full of second chances and Bob does not hesitate to take his.

In Bob, now playing at Aurora Theatre, you discover that Bob the character is a wide eye optimist.  Even though his life is a long odyssey of twists and turns, Bob stays grounded and seems to overcome any obstacle thrown at him.

This production is different from your typical play, is has the typical story line but a blend of quick wit and improv mix that makes for a wild adventure.  This production has a cast of seasoned actors in the chorus from the comical style of Veronika Duerr, the straight man Scott Warren, the bubbly Wendy Melkonian, and the satirical Doyle Reynolds.

Written by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb and directed by Sean Daniels, don’t miss out Bob at the Aurora Theatre which runs through February 10 at the happiest theatre outside the perimeter. 

On Monday February 11 root for you favorite stars in the Third Annual Aurora Theatre Barbara Awards Gala, a evening full of variety entertainment.

Even though next season’s lineup is not out, the biggest news is that Aurora Theatre will open up their next season with Les Misérables.

These and much more exciting information can be found at http://www.auroratheatre.com/