CCSG had a huge night to celebrate the release of their new album “New Hometown”.  The crowd had already started to fill Vinyl in Atlanta when The Daniels Brothers Band opened the show.

Logan and Matt Daniels, brothers originally from Lawrenceville, GA,  have a spirit that rocks!  Listening to them, you can definitely hear their musical influences from The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Pearl Jam.  They are not just talented musicians, but talented songwriters as well – Although they perform as a duo much of the time, they brought their band for this night….. Sasha Swetlowski (keys), Brad Berry (drums), and Rashad Abu-Azzam (bass).  A lot of their fans were there too as I saw many of them singing to songs like I Know and Walk to the Water.  They ended the show with an obvious crowd favorite, “My Name Is Jacson”,  (yes, that is how it is spelled – you think it’s about a tough dude when really it’s about Matt’s dog – in human form….lol).  Both have talent with strong vocals and rockin guitar skills.  They joke about fighting in their front yard …… After a lot of childhood fighting……these brothers are playing real nice together now!

After getting rowdy with The Daniels Brothers, the crowd was up and ready for more good stuff…..and we got it – Connor Christian &  Southern Gothic……Christian’s confidence and charm heats up the stage as his voice carries from Country to Rock seamlessly.  The multi-talented band (Jeff Spirko (guitar, mandolin, banjo), Joe Abramson (bass), Shawn Thacker (drums) and Elena Martin, (violin) work the stage in a big way, sometimes looking like a fire drill as they move from instrument to instrument. CCSG is celebrating more than just their new album, they are also celebrating their new video “Sheets Down”.  You can check it out on ( and  Connor is one of those artists that likes to be close to his fans and made his appreciation very clear to everyone – he is thankful, to say the least, to everyone that helped make the album, the video and to all the fans that allowed them 200 nights on the road performing last year!

Voted Billboard Magazines “Artist on the Verge –Best of 2012”…..They are living the dream right now….. This is only the beginning for Connor Christian & Southern Gothic…..they still have a lot more music to make.