Catch These 4 Awesome Bands at The Drunken Unicorn for a night of Awesome Hard Rock and Metal!!


Thursday, January 3, 2013
MUSIC starts at 9
Tickets $6



Faytree is a 2 piece Hard Rock/Nu Metal band consisting of guitarist/vocalist Ashley Fayt and drummer MikaH Bahamut. The band was started in June of 2012. The members also make up 1/2 of PlanetRAWK.

Bury Me Breathing: Uncompromising, modern, progressive metal without being easily pigeon-holed by any one genre.

Bury Me Breathing Punishing, progressively-minded metal, infused with psychedelic textures. The unique and multi-faceted art-metal style of this Atlanta quintet commands an integrated listening experience that appeals to forward-thinking listeners open to new forms of extreme music. Their latest EP Through Eyes Not Your Own utilizes an angular rhythmic assault backed by groove driven explorations, dual guitar harmonies, and counter melodies immersed in ambient colors. The EP showcases BURY ME BREATHING’S emphasis on strong songwriting to guide listeners through different states of mind, spawning new realizations for metal.

Harvester had this to say about Harvester: “For being a relatively newer band, they put on their best performance yet and proved that they will be a force in the scene for years to come! One thing that is really special about this band is the sincere love for the music and fans in the Atlanta scene. They appreciate every opportunity they are given and it shows! If you love brutal breakdowns, heartfelt lyrics and a great live show, check out Harvester now!”

Anger Within’s fight for world domination, rages on! ANGER WITHIN – THRASH ‘TIL DEATH!

ANGER WITHIN broke into the “underground” tape trading scene with these demos. Each new tape emphasized a heavier sound and aggressively focused on themes few death metal bands dare to touch – world oppression, gang violence, environmental distress, loss of friendship – along with brutally outspoken lyrics challenging man’s inhumanity to man. Over the years, many people have described their sound as thought provoking, heavy, straight to the point…and ultimately, original metal/hardcore music, with political and socially concerned lyrics.