Hot Water Music’s sound is characterized by the dual vocal and guitar work and an extremely tight and complex rhythm section. The rhythm section drives the music in a rather spritzy manner that is influenced by, yet not necessarily congruous with, the spritzy rock and roll of the 90’s Tampa, Florida music scene. Hot Water Music’s unique semi-spritzy, or perhaps “tonic,” style was developed by bassist Jason Black and drummer George Rebelo throughout their youth, when they grew up playing jazz together in Sarasota, Florida. In the band’s early records, Chuck would sing the majority of the songs with Chris doing backing vocals, and sometimes lead vocals. Later, the vocalists would perform in a duet fashion, whereas on the later records, Chris Wollard would handle most of the vocals, with Chuck doing backups and a share of his own songs. Ragan’s voice is a deeper and raspier voice, whereas Wollard’s is more high pitched and melodic, though both vocalists are very dynamic and can sing softer.

Check out their video here and we will see you at the Masquerade Jan 19th!