Most that know me will tell you that I love the Daniels Brothers! Not only talented, they’re also super nice guys. The first time I heard Logan LIVE it was hard for me to believe that voice was coming out of him. His range is AWESOME! Matt’s tone and harmonies are PERFECT! Add in the chemistry that can only come from brothers and you have MAGIC!!

The Daniels Brothers are real brothers raised on Southern Rock with heavy influences of Classic Rock and Alternative. Recently experimenting with alternative southern rock, the Daniels Brothers continue to shape their music with their personal interests and creativity. Both brothers were trained in classical string orchestra with their primary instrument the upright bass.

All young men are heavily influenced by the music of their time and Logan & Matt are no exception.

Logan leads the group as the front man, who provides cool vocals with an extensive range and acoustic guitar techniques to fill the room with sound. Matt’s rich harmonies, and powerful lead vocals only accentuate his guitar leads that are truly electrifying. The Daniels Brothers harmonies express rich tone and haunting sounds that bring depth to the music not heard in alternative rock today.

The Daniels Brothers have extensive performance experience and play as a duo or with a full band. Their song list expands beyond four sets of cover songs and their heart lies with their original music. It’s something of an obsession with riffs and melodies, lyrics and harmonies blending to create a unique sound that captures the audience attention.

“A straight shot to the main vein of Southern Rock. They are not your traditional Southern Rock, they are a new breed and wear it proudly! They pay respects to their heritage and look to keep their beloved style alive and thriving”

When did you know you wanted to be a Musician?
It started for me at a really early age. I asked my dad to teach me some guitar. He told me to put my fingers on the fret board and make a G Chord and I remember hating the way my fingers felt. I was such a wimp about it. I did love to sing too.  My mom helped me with that. I always loved the way she would harmonize in the car to the songs she liked. It’s why I like listening to James Taylor so much.

Logan DanielsWhat Training have you had?
Well, I was watching my mom and dad make music from time to time (they were in a band together when I was growing up). But, my first lessons were in 6th grade. I started playing the upright bass because I was such a big kid with big hands. I had this amazing teacher that helped me understand what making music was all about. As I got older, I started playing more with the friends I had, learning things all the time.  But, the teachers were always challenging me.  All of my teachers: orchestra, chorus, and music theory. I took a few lessons with a great vocal coach Mellissa Ellen. After that, I just played and wrote and played and wrote until I started playing with Matt. He has been the best teacher so far, and I helped teach him how to play melodic instruments. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

Who would you like to share the stage with Dead or Alive and why?
Dwayne Allman (The Allman Brothers Band) or Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Synyrd). They are both such influential people to my music. I just sing a few songs of their songs and have them play beside Matt and me. I also wanna see what my brother would do if he got to cut heads with either one. I like throwing Matt in the ring with awesome players, just to see what he would do. He usually comes out like a diamond. I would also like to sing with sing some songs with Harriet Wheeler (The Sundays) or Hayley Williams (Paramore). Vocal harmonies are always so cool. I like to write them because the way the voice sounds moving and collaborating with each other…sends chills down my spine.

Tell me about your song “Walk to the Water”.
Matt and I wrote that song when we were on the first inaugural KISS cruise.  When we got on the boat, we were super nervous about how many amazing musicians were on the boat with us.  So, we sat in our room and fought over what we could write.  I would throw out ideas and Matt would shoot them down and I would do the same to his.  Then, we calmed down a little and I wrote the opening riff.  The rest of the song came together after that. The words are about jumping in head first to what we were doing.  We were on the boat, ready to experience what life was handing us.  We were so excited to be a part of that that we just wanted to thank everyone before we even met them.  Hahahaha!

Describe Matt.
Wow!  That is a loaded question. If there was ever a person that matched his astrological sign, it is Matt. He is also very creative, more creative than I can ever be. He is a renascence man. He can do anything he puts him mind to. Matt is also very loyal. His passion for keeping things consistent is always refreshing.

How did you get into the Music Biz?
I got into the music business from means of survival. It was the easiest way to be employed while being technically homeless. I have always had a hard time getting and keeping a regular job. I guess it is because I move to the beat of my own drum. Cliché I know, but it’s the quickest way to explain myself. It just felt right, almost as if it was my right of passage; to be become self sufficient, to become a man.

Tell me about the tune “My Name is Jacson” how did it come about.
My name is Jacson was a song that I wrote with a little help of my brother, Logan, about two weeks before we recorded The Daniels Brothers first Demo/EP. I had recently rescued a Boxer, which is my favorite type of dog, and named him Jacson. I walked around the apt for about three weeks singing to him, “His name is Jacson, Baby. They call him Jacson.” And late one night I had a really cool idea to write a story about how his life was before I adopted him. I decided to make him a human so people could relate to the story. And tried to use some of my favorite songs as influence to how I wanted the song to sound. The song makes him sound like a badass, which he is, but he is really sweet and innocent. He is all about having fun.

Highlite of your Career to date?
The Daniels Brothers is it! It has taking me out of the country when we played on the K.I.S.S. Kruise!! It has allowed me to meet some of the coolest and extremely talented artist, not just including musicians, but photographers, graphic designers, and fashion designers. It has helped me to become a much better musician and guitar as well as keeping me in line with responsibility and commitment. Music is truly life.

Describe Logan.
Logan is my big brother. He is my best friend. My music partner in crime. If it were not for him we would not be anything in the music business. In my opinion, he is a musical genius and one of the greatest performers I have seen. Bias I know, but it is so true. If u haven’t seen it, you need to find a way to and soon.

What are The Daniels Brothers plans for the Future?
The Daniels Brothers plans for the future is to just to keep truckin’. We have set up ourselves in a great position within the Atlanta music scene and are going to do everything to stay that way. We have recently joined forces with some amazing resources here in Atlanta and are in the process of capitalizing on some great markets. We hope to start interacting more with our fans and as always grow the fan base at a rapid and steady pace. Our #1 goal besides creating great music is to have longevity within the entertainment industry. This our plan, a plan for success.

Up Coming Show:

The Daniels Brothers at Vinyl
Opening for Connor Christian & Southern Gothic

Saturday January 26th
Tickets $15
Doors 8
MUSIC starts at 9

Tickets Available at ticketalternative

PJ McDonnell Fellow musician and friend had this to say:
“The thing I particularly love about the Daniels Brothers is how they have a very unique blend of swagger, talent and humor that puts them a step above the usual suspects in Atlanta. You see them on stage, and they are having a ball, AND they sound really great all the time. Their originals also just happen to be great too!”



Photography by Bonnie M. Morét