The Masquerade (Hell Stage)
Wednesday January 30
MUSIC starts at 8:00
Tickets $11

Whether it’s the high-powered soulful vocals,blistering guitar solos, or the mind-blowing loop implementations;
there’s never a dull moment when Joe Garner‘s on stage!

Equipped with nothing but an acoustic guitar, microphone, and his trusty Akai Headrush E2,Joe Garner guarantees to amaze, captivate, and keep you coming back for more with his intricate improvisations through looping, percussion, and beat-boxing.All of these things come together to create a remarkable experience that is unique to every performance. Songs are woven together through mesmerizing mash-ups, breaking and distorting the sense of time. One set may start with a classic 60’s rock & roll tune, only to be shifted gracefully into a well-known 80’s dance-hit; while gradually working in a new rhythm accompanied by a surprisingly realistic beat…Time passes and it slowly dawns on you that you’ve been entranced for hours, caught up in the nostalgia while an entire music history unfolds before your eyes and ears.