The Law took over Dixie Tavern Thursday nite playing to a standing room only crowd! Talent,Character, Stories and Merriment,
It was a party!!
I think that The Law will be a Phenomenon having a cult following that not only sings The Law but BECOMES The Law. The MUSIC is hard to pigeon hole into a genre, one song you may want to grab you partner and Do-se-do. The next you may feel the urge to drop acid and dance around a fire naked!!

[sws_pullquote_left]”60’s Revival with a REAL Down Home Familiar Vibe!” [/sws_pullquote_left]

As legend has it… When North Carolina based singer/songwriter & storyteller, Chandler McGee came down from the mountains of Cullowhee to meet his Atlanta guitar pickin’ buddy Aaron Hill, the two fellers knew they had cemented a friendship as deep and strong as the red clay soil they were standing on. Together they wrote dozens of heel stompin’ tunes that were so alive with southern fever and longing, they knew it wouldn’t be long till the others would come and want to join The Law Band too. First there was Georgia born & John Bonham inspired, Zack Smith on drums. Then came the Catfish, bass player & banjo killer, Hill Roberts, raised up in Atlanta proper, playing country & blues music since grade school. And after being entranced by the sounds & vibes flowin’ there, wayward traveler, singer/songwriter Nancy Kaye, decided to put her bags down and kiss her Los Angeles life goodbye, to help engineer the new record and stay on with the band. From the North Georgia Mountains came their old friend Trappers Cabin to play keyboards, guitar & lend his beautiful voice to The Law Band. & Southern Ground recording artist and fiddle player extraordinaire, Levi Lowrey dropped in to put the finishing touches on The Law Band’s Debut Album “Dust and Aether,” in stores Now!IMG_2149

Aaron Hill, Founder of The Law Band answered a few questions:

Where did the concept for The Law come from? What is the Law?

I was reading about the Law’s of things as we know it. Then I realized the importance of the subtle elements that are the order of the things that we perceive in everyday life!! We needed to take back the The Law and make reality what we wanted!!

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