Dan Wood (Ryan Lewis) is living the dream.  Working in a cubical world, dating his true love, and getting all the support from his adoring mother, then… It comes crashing down around him.  He loses the job, loses the girl, and moves in with his mother.

Dan Wood is that ‘don’t make waves’ guy that seeks to rediscover his purpose and find his grove.

Dan gets a job as a door to door salesman and is forced to move out of his comfort zone and not be afraid to go for it. With a support group of office mates Tommy Pendergrass (Grant McGowan),  Harry Lutz (Will Dove), and Gerald Fitzgerald (Rahmell Peebles). Grant’s character, Tommy, is that oh so cool guy that has all the luck with the ladies.

This movie is witty and touching, it features a cast of young talent. Writing by Will Dove and co-produced with Grant McGowan, No Soliciting is a great break out film that is fun and a true to life story.

It is has a few unexpected twist and turns that makes No Soliciting a tale of finding your place in the modern fast pace world.

Check out the trailer: http://youtu.be/3neWYBke6eM  or http://nosolicitingthemovie.com

No Soliciting is scheduled for a one week run at the historic Plaza Theatre starting  January 18th-24th.

For more information on No Soliciting http://www.facebook.com/NoSoliciting2012?fref=ts or twitter @justkeepknockin


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